Poem for Geno – R.I.P.

Libations drenched souls,

seek solace in forbidden sunshine.


Accepting, avoiding, admitting, the joy I felt

knowing your killer faced his karma in jail.


I need for this to be a pretty words poem.

Filled with butterflies, boom box beats, and beauty.


I need this poem to be a fable of fiction not fate.

I want to write about you turning grey, wise and wrinkled.


Instead you leave me with your laughter.






I need this poem to have mercy.

Let my tears become holy and cleanse the bullet off the blood.

Let my words have power and change the rhythm in time.


The pretty words in the pretty poem will need to be patient.

Today I will simply embrace your everlasting essence.

Remembering  the man you were , I welcome home the spirit  you are.




We love you.  We miss you.  We will always remember you…..

3 thoughts on “Poem for Geno – R.I.P.

  1. Reblogged this on CoffeeBreak68 and commented:

    ❤ Remembering ❤
    A very surreal weekend.
    Today some I am connected to celebrate the recent transition of my sister Wendy Davis on the very anniversary weekend many will remember the transition of my brother Geno.

    Memorial Weekend for me- has become a time to pause, be still – and connect with souls and spirits who are now ancestors and angels.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone. And connect with whomever crossed your mind today- just because you can.

    One Love- chel.

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