Just an Ordinary, Average, Beautiful, Magical – Saturday!

Today is Saturday.

Just an ordinary average Saturday, and that is why it’s one of the best  Saturdays EVER!

Today’s To-Do list is full of tasks that are not likely to get done.  Like laundry and cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors.

Today on this ordinary day, those I love and care for the most are safe, healthy and happy.  I love that I will see my niece today, and that my parents are just around the corner so I can stop by and visit on the spur of the moment.

I’m most excited about making the time to invest in my dreams.  I am writing a book, and it is a true labor of love.  The journey of getting this book complete has been an incredible ride and it’s only just the beginning.   To date the reason why this book is not complete is because I have mastered the art of self sabotaging my own dreams.   I once heard Les Brown talk about those in his life that never supported him.  Listening to this only makes me appreciate those in my life even more as they are an absolute driving force in supporting me working and more importantly reaching my dreams and goals.

Some cleaning will be done.  It seems like it’s a Saturday rule.  Where dusting must occur and the vacuum must be turned on.

But for the most part today is about connecting with my family, my friends and myself.

And that is a beautiful, magical, wonderful Saturday.


5 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary, Average, Beautiful, Magical – Saturday!

  1. Great Thoughts, Wish you the Best As You Wright The Future Best Seller, And Glad your not sabatoging your dreams any more, Just Focusing on the Good like your doing is Amazing.. As You Paint Life and Create the Great.. Thank you for Sharing!!

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