“Word Theft” Light on a Funky Blues Tuesday

So my Tuesday felt like all things that blues songs are made up of.

And since I believe that words have power, to write such a thing is very difficult.  However, the truth is – it was just one of those days.  I didn’t want to argue, debate, discuss… I just want to stay in bed and disconnect.

This is a funk I run from.  Occasionally it catches me.  I always find my way back to harmony one way or another.

While I’m optimistic about having a positive evening.  The first spark of my day was being introduced to Kalae Nouveau’s song ‘Word Theft’.  I am a music snob.  My taste is eclectic.   And my standards are Cheech & Chong high… I mean uhm… Mountain High!  So to come across an artist I have never heard of and totally dig her style and talent is a beautiful spark in my day… especially on days that begin with a funky  heartbeat.

Check her out  & you’re welcome!

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