As we continue to enjoy Black Music Month, some artists cannot be celebrated by just one song.

Ms. Janet Jackson is one of those artists.  I’m not sure how Janet’s career would have turned out if she had kept that key in her earring, never learned to dance during her FAME days or never connected with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis.  It’s hard to say where any of our lives would end up if we had not made specific decisions in our past.

All I know is, as a music lover, I am glad of all the choices Janet made and her journey led her to the status of one of our most talented performers today!

Janet Jackson – Pleasure Principle:

“I’m not here to feature insecurities… I wanted you to love me…. “

Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation:


Janet Jackson – If

“…but I’m not – so I can’t,  and I won’t – but, IF I was your girl…”

*BONUS SONG ~ cuz I like you so much!*

Janet Jackson feat. BlackStreet – I Get So Lonely (Remix)

“…can’t let just anybody hold me… “


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