2014 – The Year I Get Out of My Own Way:

I am in complete denial that 2013 is almost over.

The last thing I remember I was a Blogging Machine in July and I blinked and here we are in December!  How could this be?!

This time last year, I had high hopes for all the wonderful goals I would accomplish this year.  I was going to become knowledgeable in juicing veggie drinks.  I was going to aim on being a Minimalist by getting rid of all the “stuff” in storage that I pay for every month, and yet have no idea what is in there. I just know I haven’t needed anything packed in the unit in the past two years.

Most of all, I was going to have my book complete.  Many of my writer friends, those I know in both real life and social media life have accomplished wonderful writing projects this year.  And here I am sitting by the side lines watching everyone around me reach their goals and dreams.

The one passion I have is writing.  Well, writing and Moon-walking in my mind with Butterflies and Unicorns…but I’ll share more about that another day.  I do know that should I die without my book being complete, I would feel regret.  Well, I guess other issues would take the lead.  …. but my point is – to complete my book means so much to me and  yet it the last thing I focus on.

Some people avoid their goals because they are afraid of failure.
I am afraid of success.

My biggest obstacle in reaching my dreams and goals is not society, deadbeat dads, or Fox News.  My biggest obstacle blocking me from my dreams – is ME.

I have THE most supportive home, filled with creative energy and dare I say THE most creative Man I have ever met….

The bottom line is this — I need to get out of my own way.  I need to invest cheering energy and support in my own dreams and goals.

So here’s a loving yet mighty side-eye to 2013 and all the Procrastination and Baggage Monsters that filled my head.  I now look forward to 2014.  The year that will be full of To-Do Lists- done and baggage replaced with success, dreams and goals!

Been a long time — I shouldn’t have left you — Without a dope blog to step to…

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