My *DREAM* Holiday Wish List:

BlackSanta_1‘Tis the season!   I feel I’ve been pretty good this year.  And I am pretty sure I made the  “NICE” list… or at least the “Nice enough” list.
So in case Santa is listening and wants to make me happy…. I present my *DREAM* HOLIDAY WISH LIST:

  • A Letter in the Mail:
    When I was in my teens, I would adore receiving letters in the mail.  Something that I didn’t fully appreciate until recently.  I know these days, so much emphasis is placed on Facebook friends, or Twitter followers.  It means something to receive an email or *gasps* a text.  But none of these forms of pseudo-connecting can compare to a hand written letter.  A great letter is one that has been folded, and you have to smooth out the paper with your hands once its taken out the envelope.  A good letter is full of thoughts and feeling… but a REALLY good letter guides the reader by numbering the pages at the bottom (1), (2), and the ever so helpful “Over ” to let you know more words, thoughts and feelings are ready to be shared.
  • A Book From a Local Used Bookstore:
    My range of interests are pretty abundant.  It is very difficult to choose a book that I would not be interested in.  The more you know me, the more I am likely to like the book.  But regardless of the subject matter, I dig a good used book!
    Something about the way it feels in my hands.  Handwritten notes in the margins.  Lines that mattered to the previous owner illuminated in yellow highlighter.  Used books are special, and they are a true treasure.
  • TIME:
    My son is 16 years old, and is pretty self-sufficient. However, when he was younger I sure would have loved for someone to give of their time, so I could have some time.  Maybe pick him up a few weekends to take him to the park or Chuck E. Cheese.
    Now that my son is a teen, my request for time is a little different.  I would love to connect with my friends to meet up for lunch, dinner or the movies.  Time – can’t be wrapped, but it sure is worth more than gold.

So if you see Santa, put in a good word for me.


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