Stop Living Life with a Broke Person’s Mentality

When it comes down to it, I hate all things money.

I will joke from time to time, about wanting to be rich.  But the truth is I have very little interest in money and most material possessions.

I once went to a T. Harv Eker retreat and he gave an exercise in which we were instructed to rip up a $100 dollar bill.  I felt that this was an odd request, but honestly I was more uncomfortable hugging a room full of strangers on demand, as we were requested to to do during the siminar.  To be challenged to rip up the $100 bill was not a problem for me.   Now, it needs to be said, the point of this challenge was totally lost on me! So if you ever get a chance to attend one of T. Harv’s Millionaire Mind seminar, feel free to  do so.

I just don’t care.  It’s part of my rose-colored world, where money just doesn’t matter.

I do understand, however, that money is needed to survive.  To have the necessities in life we need money.  To have a roof over my son’s head, and food in the refrigerator and clothes on our backs, all require money.

So I am trying to treat my finances as I would my business.  This is to deal with and face all issues in a bold, positive and timely manner.  My old way would be to not check my mail, and to not open the invoices. See, it’s a little known fact that as long as you don’t check your mail, the bill is not really due!  Yeah- you can see how this plan is destined to flop!

So fighting again all things ADD, I am encouraged to take control of my own life, and my own finances.  I brave the elements and open my mailbox!  And what shiggity do I find there waiting for me? A letter from a collection agency!

:: cue the audience’s *gasps*::

Now, don’t let me mislead you.  There was a time when these letters would just show up in my mailbox, much like the chute at a bank. The agencies just placed in a tube and it would directly swoosh to my mailbox. …at least, this is what I suspect happened.

But that was before my family and I decide to look at the future with an eye of abundance and decided we do want a little bit of land where we can have a house of our own.  From that day on, I took care of every outstanding balance and have been taking care of my bills ever since.

And what a difference a day or shall I say a payment makes?  If I had received this collection letter a year or so ago, I would have believed it, and assumed they were right.  My disorganization would have made it impossible to prove. I would have just continued to wear the hat of lack and let this little piece of paper add to the stress and worries already in my life.

I use to pay my bills by money order because I dreaded balancing my checkbook and worrying about if the check would clear or not.  Until someone very wise told me that I was living life with a “broke person’s mentality.”

Having someone willing to be honest with you is a pretty awesome treasure.

So today, I still hate all things money.  However, I also love my family with every emotion I am capable of and I want them to have the very best.  So it’s not just about me and my mismanagement, it deeper than that.  It turns into me not only holding myself back, but holding back my family from the life I so very much want them to have.

Many of us have a “broke person’s mentality”.  I know what it’s like to owe someone money and still find a way to justify going to the movies or out to dinner.  I get it.  I understand it.  And just between us… it’s wrong.    I was blessed enough to have someone be honest and real with me and made me to face this fact.  So I am passing on the wisdom.  It’s wrong and it’s not fair to the person who did the lending.

Each day brings us closer and closer to our home.  And today’s collection letter will not stop us.  You know why?  I called the company T-Mobile that initially stated I owed a balance,  and upon reviewing my file, they determined that it was sent in error and I do not owe them one dime.

Old me would have accepted this lack. New me, only welcomes abundance.  New me is handling her business for her sake and the sake of her family.

Take *THAT* debt! :: imagine karate kick with a Batman & Robin *Ka-POW*!::