I MADE A BABY WITH THE DEVIL (MBB/CoffeeBreak Flashback)

( a My Brown Baby /CoffeeBreak Flashback)


As I breathe life into this site, there are some very important pieces from my past that matter to me and I would like to share.

This article is one of them.


We Won !!! MyBrownBaby’s “Let’s Talk About Sex” series wins the 2012 MAGGIE AWARD !!!

I cannot let another moment go by without sharing with you the best psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop moment I had the privilege of experiencing this week.

As many of you know I love sex! Wait- no, I mean yeah, but not what I mean.  Let me start again:  Planned Parenthood has awarded Denene Millner’s blog MyBrownBaby the 2012 Maggie Award in the “Community/Personal Blog” category for its “Let’s Talk” series.

The “Let’s Talk About Sex” package consisted of articles from the forever fabulous Denene Millner; the truly talented Tara Pringle Jefferson; and the so honored and humbled – ME!

This feature was/is important as its focus was to build/strengthen communications to talk with our kids about sex.

And to top all the joy and wonder of it all- I had the very sincere privilege of representing MyBrownBaby and accept the award in person at this week’s 2012 Annual Organization And Policy Summit Awards Luncheon!

The luncheon was positive, powerful and truly impactful.

To say that I enjoyed the entire event is an understatement.  I will, however, share some highlights with you:

  • Cecile Richards – President, Planned Parenthood:
    She is fire!  I didn’t have a chance to get nervous around her as she instantly welcomes you into her space!  Everything about her energy was warm and welcoming.
  • Joan Walsh – Editor at Large for Salon.com:
    If I could have followed Joan throughout the day I would have.  Not in a weird stalking kind of way, but to take mental notes.  She is so very smart and intelligent with a humorous disposition to match.  I just know I could learn so much from her, as she flawlessly owns her own space unapologetically.
  •  Jeannine AmberEssence magazine – “Our Teen’s Secret Sex Lives”:
    Jeannine was one of the first people I was introduced to and my very first impression of her was how beautiful she is.  Poised.  Natural.  Confident.
    She was the first to accept her award and her speech was personable, funny and focused.  As she exited the stage, I had pretty much concluded that this woman is as close to perfect as any of us will ever get.
  • Deanna Zandt – Tumblr – “Planned Parenthood Saved Me”:
    I totally dig Deanna’s energy!  She is a fiery rocker chick.   She is someone I would want to have drinks with, which is funny as I don’t really drink.  She is witty and candid.  Deanna speaks in a way that there’s no way to predict what she is going to say next, which makes listening to her a little exciting.

Tumblr writer Deanna Zandt accepting her Maggie Award

Rarely have I been able to experience being in a room full of leaders.  Everyone woman I spoke to was confident, kind and strong. They would only conform to share & welcome you in their space.  Being a contributing writer to MBB is one of the efforts I am consistently proud of.  If I underestimated anything, it would be how moved the Planned Parenthood organization would leave me.  This organization is –everything.

I am truly blessed, honored, thrilled, and still doing a mental moonwalk & shimmy over the “Let’s Talk About Sex” series being recognized!!

*High –fives to Denene & Tara!*


** For anyone interested in my contribution to this ::clears throat:: AWARD WINNING series here is the link:

MBB:  “How a Single Mom Talks To Her Son About Sex – michelle bond

2012 Maggie Award to MyBrownBaby.com for the “Let’s Talk About Sex” Series.
Writers: Denene Millner, Tara Pringle Jefferson, and Michelle Bond

My Son And the Knife: When Mental Illness Turns a Boy Into a Man (MBB/Coffeebreak Flashback)

My Son And the Knife: When Mental Illness Turns a Boy Into a Man:

( a My Brown Baby /CoffeeBreak Flashback)

As I breathe life into this site, there are some very important pieces from my past that matter to me and I would like to share.

This article is one of them.