I wish you a day full of drama! ….Wait, what?!

WishOn this very special day, I wish you all a day full of love & laughter….

Wait- Let’s be real about this:

On this day – I wish you a day full of being annoyed by family members.  The relatives that are forever old school and speak with a bluntness and candor that makes us feel like we’re at some kind of Comedy Central Roast.

A day sitting next to the Uncle who always has a glass of scotch within reach.

A day where we see the wide-eyed frozen stare of the kids that have had the fear of God put in them by their Mother before getting out the car.

A day full of warm hugs and embraces by the cluster of women – the Village if you will… who are full of compliments, and when you leave the room you hear a hushed collective giggle as you know you are the butt of the joke.  And that’s OK, because once you rejoin the group and someone else enters and exists the room it will then become their turn.

I wish you a day of fun and light drama.  Just a dash of drama, not a heavy dose.

Why, oh why would I want this for you and for me?

Because these are the moments that will forever be remembered and talked about.  These are the moments that for years to come will be told and retold and will be edited and exaggerated each and every year.

These are the moments of a loving family.  Where we break bread at the table, and  have deep chats as the world’s problems are solved. The table where we connect.   I mean REALLY connect.  With eye contact, and hands signing to emphasis our points.  Besides good food, one of the best things about sitting around the dinner table is the boisterous laughter that fills the home.

Today has nothing to do with the gifts you give or receive.  It’s about taking the time to make time for those that matter to us.

At the end of the day, when you lay your head on the pillow to rest – it is my wish that you have a day full of colorful and joyous memories to reflect over.  And I wish, that as you fall asleep tonight, you do so with a smile and a giggle or two as you replay moments of the day.

Merry Christmas.  Be safe on the roads. And be safe with your words and actions with one another…. well, not TOO safe…*wink*

2014 – The Year I Get Out of My Own Way:

I am in complete denial that 2013 is almost over.

The last thing I remember I was a Blogging Machine in July and I blinked and here we are in December!  How could this be?!

This time last year, I had high hopes for all the wonderful goals I would accomplish this year.  I was going to become knowledgeable in juicing veggie drinks.  I was going to aim on being a Minimalist by getting rid of all the “stuff” in storage that I pay for every month, and yet have no idea what is in there. I just know I haven’t needed anything packed in the unit in the past two years.

Most of all, I was going to have my book complete.  Many of my writer friends, those I know in both real life and social media life have accomplished wonderful writing projects this year.  And here I am sitting by the side lines watching everyone around me reach their goals and dreams.

The one passion I have is writing.  Well, writing and Moon-walking in my mind with Butterflies and Unicorns…but I’ll share more about that another day.  I do know that should I die without my book being complete, I would feel regret.  Well, I guess other issues would take the lead.  …. but my point is – to complete my book means so much to me and  yet it the last thing I focus on.

Some people avoid their goals because they are afraid of failure.
I am afraid of success.

My biggest obstacle in reaching my dreams and goals is not society, deadbeat dads, or Fox News.  My biggest obstacle blocking me from my dreams – is ME.

I have THE most supportive home, filled with creative energy and dare I say THE most creative Man I have ever met….

The bottom line is this — I need to get out of my own way.  I need to invest cheering energy and support in my own dreams and goals.

So here’s a loving yet mighty side-eye to 2013 and all the Procrastination and Baggage Monsters that filled my head.  I now look forward to 2014.  The year that will be full of To-Do Lists- done and baggage replaced with success, dreams and goals!

Been a long time — I shouldn’t have left you — Without a dope blog to step to…

Eat That Frog and Reaching other Dreams and Goals:

I am the world’s BEST Procrastination Queen!
Not exactly the goal I had in mind.

I block my own dreams and goals all by myself.  Deep down in my subconscious I am afraid of succeeding.

Which makes zero sense!  So today, I am being proactive in reaching my own dreams.  Which is to be successful in my writing career. To COMPLETE my writing assignments such as articles and book(s) in a timely manner.

I am beyond blessed, in that I live in a home that supports my writing dreams.  Now all I have to do is be willing to support myself.

Today I have been listening to Brian Tracy’s, “Eat that Frog” – audio book.   *EXCELLENT & MOTIVATING!*

(( HUGS))