Jennifer Hudson + Howard Stern & The Breakfast Club:

Earlier today I heard two interviews  that Jennifer Hudson (aka JHUD ) gave.

One from The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, and the other from Howard Stern.

The Breakfast Club brings me daily joy.  The show does not broadcast in the DC area, so I find it online from musician Apollo’s sites.

Between the two interviews – it has to be said that Howard Stern’s interview was 100’s BETTER.  I know–who’dah thunk it?!

Stern was respectful and had allowed Jennifer to elaborate on her love of her life, family and art.

I am glad I heard The Breakfast Club’s interview first.  I enjoyed it just fine.  I knew she had an album out.

However, the moment I got from Stern’s show was to hear Hudson’s new song “Moan”.   A song written in memory of her mother.

I listen to music pretty much all day every day.   “Moan” is a song that will fill hearts and homes forever more.

Below I have shared both interviews:

The Breakfast Club’s interview:

The audio from the Howard Stern interview:

Whitney Houston- “Home” Her TV Debut (1983)

Whitney Houston- “Home” Her TV Debut
(Merv Griffin Show 1983)

I have always loved the beauty and strength of Whitney’s voice.   However, I have never seen or heard her version of  “Home”.

My goodness. She sounds absolutely incredible.  I got chills listening.  Her voice is clean.  Strong… simply amazing.


Happy Birthday Whitney. We will never forget you….