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Throw-Back-Thursday: {Let’s Talk About Sex} Throwback Special Flashback from Denene Millner’s MyBrownBaby

Sex will always be one of the hottest issues to talk about.  Always has been, always will be.  Many feel compelled to judge the sex and sexuality of others, while often remaining conservative and silent when the attention is focused on their own personal behind closed doors choices.

The irony is, while we have a great deal of fun procreating a child. That once that child becomes a teenager, most of us will gasp and clutch the pearls of the mere thought of our precious sons and daughters wanting to explore their bodies as well as the bodies of their peers.

But young people always have explored and experimented.  We did.  And young people will continue to feel grown and, dare I say …feel… and … groan. Regardless if we like it or not.

We have the responsibility to educate our young adults.  I originally wrote this piece for MyBrownBaby in 2011, it was part of a maggieawardcollaboration for Planned Parenthood’s Let’s Talk campaign, which by the way, I’m very proud to share with you that this MBB collaboration won a Planned Parenthood Maggie Award.

When I wrote this, my son was 14 years old.  We had one computer that my parents gave us that stayed in an open space allowing me to monitor whatever he pulled up on the screen.  Flash forward to now – and every phone is a personal computer.  Sexual hook ups or access to porn is just a click away.

And maybe today’s parents are more tech savvy than myself.  Who am I kidding? I’m certain that they are! Still, the point remains that these Teens 2.0 are much more tech savvy and 100 x’s more quicker than us working the devises and all the complex apps accessible today.  Most of our kids believe in their heart of hearts, that they know more than us.  They won’t realize until they are grown how wise their parents really are.  That’s when most of us realized how insightful our parents were.

STD’s are being transmitted at an alarming and rapid rate.  There’s a lot to be concerned about.  It means our youth are not only being intimate, they are doing so without preventive measures. And likely with multiple partners. Most teens will not face the fact that they do not have the emotional maturity to wisely process who they should have sex with.  Think about  how hard it is for some adults to navigate their sexual lifestyles with wisdom and maturity.  But that too, is part of the real conversation. To say “Hey, I have regrets”, to say “I wish I had waited….”  Our youth deserve our transparency and honesty.

So on this TBT  – Throwback Thursday, I share my article with you about talking to sex with my then fourteen year old son.  And to be honest, little has changed.  I could have easily written this today, meaning every word now, just as I did then.

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Throw-Back-Thursday: {Let’s Talk About Sex} Throwback Special Flashback from Denene Millner’s MyBrownBaby

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